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Looking for a talented artist to create one or more animated 'Mech images.  Images will be small and contain only 10-20 frames.

Some examples of the kind of result I am looking for in this commission:

Payment through PayPal, preferred communication through Skype.
Looking for a talented artist to draw 2 or more dakimakura style images.  I've got plenty of references to guide you, but I do expect very high quality work.  This excellent is an example of what I am looking for in style and quality.

Lingerie Linai -Dakimakura - by emptycicada1

Payment through PayPal.  Preferred communication through Skype.
Hello all!

So a few months back I had some disposable income to dispose of, and I got the idea to randomly hire someone on DA to create some succubus art.  Little did I know how inspired by this artist I would be, and what turned out as a random job for drawing pretty succubi has really become a major project.

Here's the latest piece:
Linai, Bounty Hunter by emptycicada1

And a whole gallery of images, from simpler beginnings to more complicated character design drawings and work:…

We've finished some character design and also a big cover art piece and we'd like for you to check it out!  If there's anything I've learned in my line of work (game design) it's that creating something awesome is only half the work.  The other half is promoting it and getting people to check out what you've made!

So we aren't asking for donations or money or anything like that at this point, but we would like your input and feedback (and hopefully praise) for what we are trying to put together.

Stay tuned for more, there are several stories already written for this character and in our setting, but the task of turning them into awesome illustrations is still ahead.
Looking to spend some extra money to create some cool and flashy animations to serve as an attention grabber for wherever I might like to display my character.

I'm aiming for simple animations, and a pixel animation would be especially interesting I think.

For example, this artist does some amazing work.  Might be a tad too extravagant though!

This is a fairly simple piece.  It's nice, but I'd aim for a bit more for sure.
Guardsmen and his rifle by RaTmAnXD

I've bought lots of art, but never an animated piece, so I'm not sure what kind of pricing options there are.  Let me know how much you would cost!

As a note, as this is my OC, I will probably require you to sign a contract.  Nothing huge, just a document that grants me rights to whatever you end up creating.  That said, you will of course still be free to post what you make where you please, this is not a commercial product at this time.  :)

For reference, here are some Character Design Sheets.
Linai Bounty Hunter CDS by emptycicada1
Linai VSS-90 Gun CDS by emptycicada1
Shoulder Armor CDS by emptycicada1
Animations created to explain how things work:

Leave a message or send a note, thanks!
Payment through Paypal, and my preferred means of communication is through Skype.

Looking to spend some extra money on some nice Succubus art.  Probably one Character, half body or full body, on a background.  No X-Rated images, no gratuitous violence either.  To explain the kind of style and look I am aiming for here are some examples I like and a few I don't.

Emphasis on light demonic features.  Pretty girl with Demon features, not a full blown female demon.

Good examples:

So a while ago, I found this Line Art.…

Pretty good, I like succubus for the most part.  

There are lots of people who colored that Line Art.  As you can see here:…


But this one is my all time, hands down, absolute favorite:

In fact, I even made decals out of it and starting put her on some of my favorite Mechs:


Really nice again, boobs are a bit over the top though…



Bad examples:

Too much demon, different style…

Too much demon, different style…


So leave a message here or a note if you think you'd like to take a shot at this.

No real budget concerns here.  Probably want a few pictures at a range of prices from more than one artist.  Will only go over 100 USD for some really spectacular artists.
Payment through Paypal, and my preferred means of communication is through Skype.


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