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What I have:  
Written stories and ideas for breaking them down into individual frames.
Plenty of visual references for characters and locations.

What I need is:
An artist to take several short stories I have written and to draw them as a series of comic books, like a manga I suppose.  Theme is sci-fi and the main character is
Linai, Bounty Hunter by emptycicada1

I'm pretty sure the pages will just be black and white, but I am willing to entertain the idea of colored pages.  Most likely I will just have 1-3 color pages per
story, and the rest will be black and white.

Primary communication through skype, payment through Paypal.

I look forward to seeing who is interested in taking this commission!
I would like to work with an artist to create a cardboard standup of my favorite succubus type character.  

I am aiming for the print size to probably be 5 feet tall (150cm) so you will be expected to work on a large canvas that is well detailed and will look good in life size.  It's not too different from a Dakimakura actually if you want to think of it that way, and ~$200 for a single character no background I have extremely high expectations.

Character detail and accuracy are definitely important.  I have plenty of references, but this will probably be the primary reference.
Linai Bounty Hunter CDS by emptycicada1

I might like to make some small changes to the wings and armor, and the exact pose is something else I will be discussing and working out with the artist I choose.

Primary communication through skype, payment through Paypal.

Happy New Year, I look forward to seeing who is interested in taking this commission!
I would like to commission a portrait style image of a character of mine.  I have ample references and samples for the layout of the portrait that I can provide.

Character does have anime-ish qualities, but I am willing to entertain other art styles if anyone is interested.  Quality is paramount; getting something cheap is not.

Exact posing, facial expression, and outfit I will most likely leave to your discretion (I am open to suggestions), but the character's physical features and likeness need to be drawn as close to the references as possible.

Preferred communication through skype or e-mail.
Payment through Paypal, half to start and half upon completion.
Looking for a talented artist to create one or more animated 'Mech images.  Images will be small and contain only 10-20 frames.

Some examples of the kind of result I am looking for in this commission:

Payment through PayPal, preferred communication through Skype.
Looking for a talented artist to draw 2 or more dakimakura style images.  I've got plenty of references to guide you, but I do expect very high quality work.  This excellent is an example of what I am looking for in style and quality.

Lingerie Linai -Dakimakura - by emptycicada1

Payment through PayPal.  Preferred communication through Skype.


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Nope, sorry!
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I, too, like to live dangerously. :D
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Since you mentioned it through, check out these Mad Cats I've commissioned!

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Anyway, I just wanted to stop by, say hello and thank you very much again for everything! :aww:
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